[A] Insurgence - Recruiting!

Earthen Ring
We are in the process of building a second dedicated team of 10-man raiders and are looking for talented individuals to fill out our roster. Most if not all raid roles are open, so if you are looking for a regular raid spot we encourage you to apply.

If your guild or raid team is lacking sufficient players to continue your own raiding schedule, we are also interested in discussing having your entire group join our ranks. Contact one of the people listed below and we can discuss the best approach.

More specific information about our guild and our general raiding philosophy can be found here:


Once you have posted an application, please contact any of the officers below or any guild member to inquire about the status of your application.

Issden\Osheen (GM) Battletag (Nubs#1963)
Delzoun Battletag (Steinn#1433)
Shameless /bump and some additional information.

Our current raid comp tends to be light on cloth. Assuming we see a similar breakdown of player/role a cloth DPS or cloth Healer could do well in either group in terms of bringing both utility as well as gear distribution balance to the group.

Also, I know it's a pretty wild idea, but with so many small guilds on the server, we feel like it could benefit both sides to bring in a small group looking to raid, versus trying to just recruit a full second team from scratch. I'm just looking to discuss options with interested groups, so shoot me a whisper or in-game mail and I'll be in touch.
Shameless self /bump.

You can also approach me with questions about the whole idea, having just returned to the game. We look for people first, gear is a distant second.
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Again, we're looking to recruit folks not only to help our main team, but to help build a second raid squad. Again, we would prefer to have a group join the guild (yes, this has been confusing for some folks) that is already established that we can build around, but this isn't gospel.

So if you're looking to raid, check us out at the link in the original post!

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