..Haste>Crit=Mastery question.

I was wondering if reforging into mastery is worth it for the extra damage bonus over crit FOR PVP!

When I am reforged into mastery I have around 36% mastery, but only 19.7% crit with Inquisition up. When I am reforged into crit I have around 28% mastery, and 23% crit with Inquisition up.

Which do you prefer and why?
Generally I prefer mastery, as it's more reliable, but I do whichever sims higher.
Personally, I prefer mastery for the flat, consistent bonus damage; simming for stat weights usually says crit, though. It hasn't really mattered much to me yet, though, since I don't quite have the gear to forge into one or the other after haste.
I think the idea is that crit will also help your healing, which is a big part of the Ret toolkit. I'm bad though, don't listen to me.
Is this pvp or pve?

PvP I say crit

PvE I say mastery
For PvE, crit and mastery are effectively interchangeable. Their weights are very close together. You can reforge toward whichever sims higher in your gear, or just whichever one you prefer. Of course, haste should always be preferred in reforging if the piece doesn't have it already.

For PvP, mastery will give you bigger bursts, while crit will give you more frequent bursts. Crit also helps your healing. PvP can't be broken down quantitatively in the same way PvE DPS can, so there's much more room for preference and playstyle here.
I personally prefer crit for the healing boost, especially in RBGs where a crit FoL with 3 stacks of selfless healer will effectively function as a lay on hands for a healer that's getting trained. But if you're just doing arenas or have 3 unkillable healers in your guild, mastery might be the better choice for higher consistent damage.
Oh sorry guys, I meant for PvP! Do you guys think there are certain talents that work well with people who prefer mastery over crit? I assume playing with Sanctified Wrath while reforged into mastery might be a bit better than with crit.
As far as talents go there's not a whole lot of real flexibility for rets. Holy Avenger favors mastery as your TV will hit harder, but selfless healer favors crit for more healing. I suppose you could argue that SW would also favor crit due to the healing buff.
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Personally, I prefer mastery for the flat, consistent bonus damage; simming for stat weights usually says crit, though.

I dabble on crit for tonight, forging up to 15% It lead to several K dps increase. (This is again for my spec and gear by no means meant for all ret paladins)

Definitely each paladin much sim or tinker with their character to find their sweet spot in stats.
As mentioned before, a piece can change your stat weight.

Go with Mastery for pvp, cant go wrong with the flat boost to your burst damage ability.
It's all about preference really. Do you spec Selfless Healer and like throwing offheals to keep other players up? Go crit>mastery. If you want your nukes to pack a higher little punch every time you use them, go mastery>crit.
Crit is way better, imo. It covers everything we do. While mastery only effects certain abilities.

Plus mastery still double dips vs resil, i believe. Meaning that resil decreases the initial hit and then the extra mastery dmg. So you dont get the full benefit as we would in pve.

I switched to crit and have not looked back. Sure its RNG (which i am not a fan of really), but with inq up our crit chance floats around 25%. 1/4 are pretty good odds.

Also, when you burst and get a nice string of crits its a beautiful thing.
Related, we have read feedback that certain mechanics, such as Retribution's mastery, Hand of Light, are double-dipping from resilience. If this happened, then your attack would be mitigated by resilience and then the mastery proc (which is supposed to be a percentage of the main attack) would also be mitigated by resilience. However, we can find no evidence that this is actually happening. In our testing, Hand of Light is never mitigated by resilience a second time. If anyone has additional information, please share.

According to blizzard, hand of light isn't reduced by resil.

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