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Mobile Bug Report
Not sure if this has been stated, or is common but the battle pets tab of the remote auction house is extremely buggy. It seems to be routed in all of the pets being in "pet cage" items, the AH thinks that the Fungle abomination is the same as a Imperial silkworm or cat. It effects the price check / relative items (while creating a auction, as a result it often thinks you need to start at 10s) and if your in buyout only, when you "zoom in" to a specific items buyout, it will bring you to a completely different pet (Imperial silkworm is a common one)).

You can still buy just fine if you use all auctions, and selling takes a bit more background research, but it is extremely clunky / inconvenient (comparatively). I can also see someone making a horrible mistake and accidentally listing a eye of the legion or something for 20 silver, it wouldn't be hard.

Thank you for your time.
I've noticed this as well and I found a small way around it until the bug is fixed: If you scroll to the bottom of the auction creation page, you can select "show more results" and it will bring you to _only_ that pets' listing. Hope this helps!
What version of the Mobile Armory are you running? This is fixed in v5.2.1.

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