[H]<Angelus Lapsus> LFM for second 10m core

Casual players and non-raiders are also welcome to join!

Angelus Lapsus originated on Sargeras-US Horde, under the former name Seraphim. Angelus Lapsus has been around since Burning Crusade. In WoTLK Angelus Lapsus was both a 10 and 25 man guild. However, our primary strength has been our 10 man progression – Yogg-Saron, Tribute to Insanity, and Heroic Lich King were all conquered by our 10 man group. Thus, our strength being 10 man, we chose to focus strictly on 10 man raiding in Cataclysm. We were a top ten 10 man Horde raiding guild on Sargeras, and plan to do the same on Stormreaver.

Current Progression: None! This is a new group for players looking for a semi-hardcore raiding environment. We're aiming to have H Lei Shen down before the end of the tier!
Raid Times (required): 8:45 PM - 12 AM CST (Server Time) Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Recruitment Needs:
    Blood DK OR Guardian Druid
    Prot Warrior
    Resto Druid (with strong Balance offspec)
    Mage OR Windwalker

In-game Contacts: Swagguh

We are not currently offering to pay for transfers.

We are always looking for casual players in need of a nice home while enjoying the wonders of Pandaria and skilled raiders who may not have time to raid always on a set schedule! Please contact Ashleycakez in game for a brief chat.

Guild Website: http://angeluslapsus.guildlaunch.com
I'm hosting a normal 10m MSV/HoF/ToES PUG tonight at 8:45 to 12 server in search of permanent raiders, PST if you're interested!
Im interested .

Do you guys weekend raid? My work schedule conflicts with weeknights

LF Progression

Battletag - jibs#1308

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