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I'd rather Draenei get the Druid bump than any other race.

I love you.

DD or Bust!
they should have people start their chars with a main school choice. each main school would allow you to accumulate faction with them, and allow you to play classes associated with them, that you wouldn't be able to play in another main school.

so lets say you want to be a traditional warrior as a pandaren. you would select the warrior school when you made your char. or you wanted to be a gnome paladin, you would choose the paladin school. etc etc

perhaps have this concept as part of an expansion. in the newly formed lore to support it, suggest that after mixing amongst each other in battle and so forth, the battle leaders / officers of the 2 factions, saw an advantage in spreading the knowledge amongst their faction races and decided to open schools where their faction members can be trained in any class they wish.
I get the lore. I do.

but I'm so, so, so tired of being stuck to only two choices for my main (druid). NE or Worgen. bah.

they should have let pandas be druid. yea yea. "A BEAR...BEING A BEAR?!?!? SO SILLY!" but come on. give us more choices, please!
Blood elf druids! make it happen! I would love to be a lynx kitty and a sun bear, and maybe dragonhawk for flightform?

i approve this message. :D
i think it would be fairly simple to do. all the armor types/weapon types are already available to both factions and all classes, so no new armor/weapons would need to be created. just some stats on tier gear would need to be matched up. all the class functions are already in game. so that's easy too. the only big job involved would be designing the options for school choices and associated conversation and faction gains. would probably take all of 3 or 4 days to complete, if that.
I think the lore should be, were on the same side, i'll teach you the druid ways!. Makes sense.
I think the lore should be, were on the same side, i'll teach you the druid ways!. Makes sense.

yeah i agree with you. that makes more sense. :)
I wouldn't mind the restrictions going away. Once upon a time most of the c/r combos made sense but they've more than broken with the lore enough times at this point that the restrictions are just pointless.
Blood Elf Druid...make it so! xD
03/19/2013 07:33 PMPosted by Sandse
Forsaken Holy Priest - Debatable but at the very least they should be harmed by the light that they use

Game mechanic. In lore, they dont exist.

Draenei Death knight - A stretch with what should be a really low population

Same reason every other race can be. They were around when Arthas was raising people. Player population does not equal lore population.

Draenei Shadow Priest - This should go against everything their race stands for

See Forsaken holy priest

Foresaken Hunter - I can allow them taming undead things but living animals would not befriend rotting corpses

I actually agree with this one.

Human Death knight - Why is this not just Forsaken? I guess just to be fair to the humans.

There is a difference between Forsaken and Death Knights. Dont be dense.

Forsaken Paladin - These are running around everywhere in Icecrown and they even cast avengers shield

I dont know what's up with those mobs because Paladins are immune to curses like that. Plus the Light isnt nice to undead.

Night Elf Paladin - Same reason we have Tauren paladins. Moonwalkers anyone?

Lore wise, that's what Night Elf Priests are.

Blood Elf Druid - Lore supports this as savagekin

Blood Elves are mutated Night Elves that took off before Druidism took hold. Their whole culture is based on arcane over nature magic.

Tauren Mage - Because Taurens are magical

Gonna be honest, dont have anything for this one.

Worgen Paladin - Really strange to me that they couldn't be one if Belfs or Scarlet Crusade can

Again, Paladins are immune to these curses.

Seems like the few posts i skimmed echo this post so this?^
Is anyone able to rebuttal forskaen hunters or Tauren Mage?
Seems like the few posts i skimmed echo this post so this?^
Is anyone able to rebuttal forskaen hunters or Tauren Mage?

As for us Undead Hunters... :P Well, I suppose if we RP'd that we were Hunters in our human lives, and then the beasts we tame were actually our long lost pets ... maybe they'd still be loyal? /shrug.

When I first started this char, I made it a point to tame dead / gothic style animals. :P (Spiders, bats, diseases bears and birds, etc.) But I got bored of that. lol

As for Tauren Mages, and I'll be serious about this one, their culture is based on nature magic (and well, holy now). They don't really seem akin to the arcane imo, but again ... /shrug.

Now! As to the REAL reason we don't have more Paladin and Druid options: Blizzard doesn't want to make new animal forms or racial Paladin chargers. /solved. :D

(Pandaren should've totally been Druids, I agree, but ... ^ :P)
Forsaken Hunters?

Nathanos Blightcaller. He was the first(only) Human Ranger. He had hound pets.

Tauren Mages? Baine-Loyal Grimtotems?


Some enemy Grimtotem mobs are sorcerers and bandits (possessing the ability to stealth like a rogue).

So that covers Tauren mages and rogues!(lol)

I mean, if Dwarves can allow Dark Iron Mages and Warlocks as well as Wildhammer Shaman(DRUIDS!), why not allow Horde-friendly Grimtotem sorcerers and rogues?
I suppose the OP's idea would also include allowing Tauren to be Rogues?

It'd be neat but there are a few practical problems that would need to be addressed.

In the case of paladins Blizzard has started in the direction of giving each race a unique paladin mount. That's a lot of new mounts although a yellow glowing mechostrider would be fun.

Druids are even worse! That's a bunch of new forms and you'd probably all still be stuck with that horror called aquatic form!

That's just off the top of my little head.
Even they exist in lore doesn't mean we(playable races) can be like them
Blizzard decided to manipulate lore in BC, we were going to get Pandaren then, but they felt Russian Space Goats fit better.

Anything is possible.

tauren stealth not much different than orc stealth.

now what would be interesting is a goblin pally mount. glowy hotrod? :D

Druids are even worse! That's a bunch of new forms and you'd probably all still be stuck with that horror called aquatic form!

the models are already in the game tho. just add a design and done. lol

goblins cat form could be same as troll's, only smaller.
for example. flight form same way. same as trolls only smaller.

gnome flight form, small airplane thing. err, the helicopter thing, only smaller. that would be funny as heck but wouldn't be very druidy. would have to be a bird of some kind.
gnome cat form, well just one of the white cats like night elves have, only smaller. like the white cats that roam around in gnome's starter zone.

undead druid. LOL!!!!
cat form -- skeletal cat with some moss hanging off of it. flight form -- skeletal bird with some flowers on its head lol.
draenei cat form - hairless cat with a draenei tail.
flight form --- ? ? a moth maybe?

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