9/16H 6/12N TOT Resto Shaman LF late night

Guild Recruitment
Edit- My search is complete, thank you all.
<Last Laugh> on US-Bleeding Hollow is looking for healers

Raid times: Tuesday - Thursday, 10pm-1am EST. We sometimes raid Monday as well.

We are a 10 man horde guild looking to progress through heroics. Previously 10/16H in t14 we are currently 9/12N.

We have an immediate opening for a:

-Resto Shaman
-Holy Paladin

If you are interested please contact me in game via battletag

We are looking for a resto shaman for our core late night group to push progression in ToT Btag me at James#11304
[A] <Weekend Pandas> Kil'Jaeden(High Pop) Bloodlust Battle Group

Hey, We are a long standing group of friends that have been raiding together on KJ in one way or another for the past few years we full cleared all of Cataclysm heroics with achievement ICHYOTSOHAIA and all the metas atm we have one healing spot open and if your willing to go Alliance I'm sure you'll enjoy raiding with us.

Raid days and times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
6pm - 9pm PST(9-12)EST

We Provide Enchants,Gems,Buckles,Flasks,Pots,Food

Outside of raiding we run RBGS on Thursday's and recently we've been doing challenge modes on the weekend, Also the guild is filled with a whole range of PvPers so getting your points for the week or getting a 5 man BG group going isn't a problem.

Contact me via Battle tag Ezrii#1627 if your interested or have more questions
Collateral Damage is looking for more! Our guild is made of a majority of adult working professionals that have been raiding together for over 5 years. We have recently transferred to Whisperwind from Vek'nilash to help recruitment and enjoy a livelier server. We all have real lives outside of WoW, but we still raid seriously. Our goal each tier is to finish the normals and work on a few heroics; we are not trying to be a US top 100 hardcore raiding group.

With the recent success in recruitment, we are exceptionally close to 25 man raiding; however, we require a few more to solidify our ranks. Candidates should be prepared to make 2 of our 3 raids (times listed below). We use mumble for communication, and EPGP for loot distribution.

We are a mature no drama guild.

If you're interested, applications can be submitted at www.cdvek.com (we are working on moving the site soon).

Melee DPS (3 - 4)
Ranged DPS (3 - 4)

Healer (1 - 3)

Tank (1)

We currently run three raids a week:
Tuesday 9-11 PM CST (10-12 EST, 7-9 PST)
Thursday 9-11 PM CST (10-12 EST, 7-9 PST)
Sunday 8-11 PM CST (9-12 EST, 6-9 PST)

Feel free to contact me Steelbrick in game or via Battletag

Just going to keep this simple and to the point.

<Rubber Ducky Society> is recruiting a 3rd healer in either a Druid/Shaman/Priest.

9/16H - 6/6H MSV, 3/6H HoF and 4/4N ToES.

Currently we are 6/12N ToT.

If you are interested in joining either add Snipehealz#1234 to battle tag. Or go to rubberduckysociety.wowstead.com to apply.

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