Looking to Transfer, how is Frostmourne?

Hello all, I am currently researching various realms to possibly server transfer to as mine is currently deader than dead. Looking at various sites, I am noticing Frostmourne might be what I am looking for: I adore PvP servers and the excitement they create, the server seems to have a ton of people, and there appear to be quite a few guilds actually doing content. That being said, how is the community here? How is the economy? Are any guilds that do progression recruiting on Alliance? (On the guild note it would probably be a month or so until I could gear up/have my personal schedule calm down a bit. Currently finishing up my last year of college.)

Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
Currently finishing up my last year of college.)
Using the word college, I would be correct to Assume you are American/Canadian then?

I don't think this is the right realm for you if that is true (Unless you have an unusual sleep schedule), while the server is physically hosted in California the majority of the playerbase is Oceanic (Australia, New zealand and parts of Asia) So timezones would be an interesting obstacle for you especially if you were wanting to raid.

If you are however still interested I advise you read this, it gives all of the information you wanted and more.

oh dude you're alliance you'll fit right in -.-

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