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Edit: Blog post updated.

So, I made a quest chain for my fiancee and thought I'd show it off. I'm surprised that, as far as I can see on Google, nobody seems to have done this before.
That's amazing. :D
That is sooo awesome! Congrats! Really unique way to propose.
Awesome! Congrats.
Well done.
That's fantastic. Great Job and congratz!

I hope she didn't vendor the ring... lol sorry couldn't help myself.
Fantastic and congratulations!
Very impressive, congratulations to you both!!
What an original way to propose!..

Congrats to you both!
That is pretty cool.
I hope she's the correct class to properly use that +10 Melee damage.
Wow, congratulations!
You should both get "The Insane" title too!

(Kidding! I am not opposed to marriage. Been married for almost 24 years myself. Best of luck to you both!)
And then she DE'd it.

You forgot the 'go collect 10 of these things' quest.

Just kidding.

This was awesome, and Congratulations!!!!

This made me chuckle. Very well done, Khalanil - very well done, and congrats to you both!

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