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To all of those wondering...I said yes.
This made me giggle. Congrats :)
To all of those wondering...I said yes.

WooT! Grats girl!
It's adorable and apparently original. =D

I intend to copy your idea.
thats amazingly creative :)
Very creative of you, best of luck!

Cheers!! Delicious Chocolate Cake
Very awesome :D
Fantastic and congratulations!

Very impressive, congratulations to you both!!


You forgot the 'go collect 10 of these things' quest.

I'm saving those quests for our anniversary.

Am I the only one wondering how she vanquished the dwarves at the Fiddler's Hearth?

Someone must have tipped them off, because they had apparently all fled before we arrived.
Wouldn't you feel awful if there was a midget that she thought was a dwarf and fought it, only to get a beat down?



Gotta admit, thats pretty awesome

Except for you two being Horde Scum....

That was pretty awesome.

I love when people do unique things for engagement.
This is truly awesome Khalanii! All the best to you both. :-)


That is so adorable! n_n
To all of those wondering...I said yes.

Grats and I'm stealing this idea and going to act like I was creative enough to come up with it on my own.

*deletes browser history*
Reading the quest text is the best part!! That's totally adorable! Also: grats.
aw fiancee should have done this for me!! He proposed to me with my ring in a pokeball though and I wouldn't change it for the world because I loved it but this is very creative and well done!!

And super huge congrats to both of you!! <3
Congratulations to both of you. It's a very imaginative idea.

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