Green Fire!!

Hello Dalaranites!

How many of you have gotten the Sealed Tome for the Green Fire? I personally got mine last night at around 3am, after about 120 rares over 3 days, and I was super stoked.

I decided to listen to each of my demons though... Didn't go to just "finish and rush to the end" as many other posters (on the warlock forums) have done, as I knew the last boss would be tough.

My questions for you are, how long did it take you to get the tome? Have you done the quests? How many wipes did it take you to kill the last boss?

I guess it took me about 5 wipes last night, 10 this morning, and then it all just clicked!

ya, got mine monday, was pretty brutal. the quest needs nerf'd....and or made into a group quest....its about as difficult as solo'ing a group of trash in the new raid....seriously.
i stop'd counting after ate two full stacks of food.... i'd say, 50+ attempts. there is zero margin for error if ur under ilvl500....i would suggest not doing it. anyways incredible quest, feels awesome having accomplished it.
good hunting my fellow warlock
Huh? When did warlocks get green fire?

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