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Amicus, a 10-Player raiding guild consisting of long time friends and experienced raiders who have recently returned to the game with the intention of tackling progression content. We started raiding early in burning crusade in a successful raiding guild, and we plan on bringing that confidence to our new team. We believe in getting things done in our guild while maintaining a family atmosphere. Good communication is key to us, it makes a group strong. Our raiders are required to be on time, prepared and have the knowledge to handle the challenge at hand. Please take a look at what classes we are actively recruiting, and we hope to see you soon.


12/12 NToT

Raid Times:

Tues & Wed 5-8 PM ST and Sun/Mon 5-8 PM ST

Recruitment Needs:

We are trying out a tank and healer, but all exceptional players are welcome to apply! Please be above 510+ Ilvl.

PvPers and Socials are welcome to join.

If you are interested, please contact Phasedcon, Nightress, Wock or Lilångel or apply at http://amicusguild.enjin.com/.
I might be interested however my disc priests ilvl is pretty low, only about 470.
Updated our post with minimum ilvl expectations. Thanks for your interest Madridis.
updated again
updated progression
For anyone interested in late-night raiding, we have immediate openings for 490+ geared tanks for Throne of Thunder.

Raid times for the late night group is 10pm-12am server on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We might go over 10-15 minutes from time to time if we're within a pull of downing a boss.

Find me in game if you have any questions :) Lynck#1727
Updated to reflect new guild status
Updated Recruitment Needs
updated recruitment needs and progression
raid times and progression updated
updated recruitment needs
updated progress
updated progression
updated recruitment needs and progression
updated progression
progression updated again =D
updated progression thrice in one night! heroics next week? possibly!
Bump for heroics!
updated recruitment needs
updated recruitment needs

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