Warlock & Mage LF Weekend Guild

Bleeding Hollow
ilvl 483 affy warlock and ilvl 485 frost mage are looking for a late night weekend raiding guild. Our progress to this point is not the best but we started late in the expansion. We are very eager to raid and learn mechanics fast.

If you are interested message JystikHybrid#1278.
Just to let you know my guild might be server transfering here and we need both a warlock and a mage if we do i will keep you posted cheers. We raid late into the night.
Hey Jystik,

Would you and the mage be available for an interview / chat today? I have spots for both ranged in a our 2nd core 10man group. If you can make the times, we can guarantee spots for two ranged. Current group is melee heavy, so no competition there.

Realid: Ammonex#1298

I can also have you talk to our Co-GM who is more than likely online today farming herbs, etc.
updated missing info and bump

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