Black screen on startup

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I have been trying to get my friend back into WoW and he said okay, but he plays on a macbook pro and so he downloaded the mac version of the game and he told me that its black instantly on startup and the music sounds like a broken record. I don't know his specs or whatever but I really want to play WoW with him again, so please someone help.
We'll need to see his specs for sure to try some accurate troubleshooting.

Obtaining System Information
    1. Hold the 'Option' Key and choose System Profiler/Information from the Apple Menu.

    2. Copy the information from the following sections:
  • Hardware (remove the Serial Number line)
  • Graphics/Displays
  • Software (remove the Computer Name and User Name lines)

Alternatively, he can try our WoW Crash and Lockups support article.

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