Transmog is bugged

Bug Report
I've been trying to transmog my chest and bracers and it's not letting me. The chest i'm trying to mog is Imperial Ghostbinders robe. I'm using Cindercloth Vest to mog it. The Bracers are Bracers of Enteral Resolve. I'm using Earthmenders Bracer of Shattering to mog it. It only seems to be effecting chest and bracers that I've discovered so far. I've also reloaded the game multiple and restarted it. I've also done a full UI reset to see if that was the cause of it. It wasn't.
This just started happening to me last night and just on one toon. Started with gloves , but now it won't transmog anything. Tried it on two pcs one of which is brand new and I also turned off all add ons etc. Nothing seems to work.
Yep. It's happening to quite a few people. Reloading sometimes works, relogging sometimes also. Then sometimes, it just doesn't work.
The Transmog UI is currently reporting the incorrect cost, generally less, to transmog items so make sure you have sufficient gold. The cost is the vendor value of the destination item for the transmog.
this is it i tryed for a good time this was the problem thank you!
yeah my mog on my warrior is bugged also the recolor pally set for leggings and boots are still showing even tho i mogged with my actual heroism set.

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