75 exalted rep club

So anyone at or near this even tho they went and removed our 70 rep achievement -.-

I'll only end up at 74 but I'm sure we get new random faction in 5.3.
Yah, really sucks they took it out. I'm a ways out still but with Black Prince nearly done and 2 new ones it seems silly to remove 70.
I quit during WotLK but had everything exalted for the most part... now they added so much, playing catch up is a pain... especially at 140 rep per turn in until revered.

Still get to be proud that I hit 80 and was "The Insane" 2 days later, when it still took Shen'drelar and there was no Darkmoon dailies! Proudest achievement in WoW for me.
I'm pretty close on this toon, kinda sad that they removed the 70 exalted reps, we needs more titles and achievements for it
it says i'm at 72 on my stats page and im missing the 3 new ones.

black prince
kirin tor
shado-pan assault

and i don't have bloodsail =[
As someone who switched mains, I hope they make the reputation achievements account-wide progress before adding a new tier. I hit 60 easily without doing any of the annoyingly grindy MoP reps on my old main and I want it to stay like that for now.

AFAIK, of the pre-MoP exaltable factions, I am missing Bloodsail, Silverwing Sentinels, The League of Arathor, and the Firelands raid rep (as I quit like 2 months into Cataclysm and didn't come back until 5.1).
I'm at 73. When I'm done with this patch's rep, I'll hit 76.

edit: 77 if you count Nat Pagle. Though he is a friend, so I wouldn't count him. ignore me.
nice Gelkis Clan Centaur rep
nice Gelkis Cldan Centaur rep

if only i could get more :D
Just hit 75 today. Should take like 14 weeks to hit 76 using only LFR though.

Nat Pagle shows up as an exalted rep if you sort using the tabular function instead of simple, but doesn't show up in your statistics. Poor Nomi doesn't even show up at all!
63 from the stats page for me. I started this toon just before Wrath, then took a long break for most of Cataclysm, so I've got some holes. Haven't finished Steamwheedle reps (although I did repair them after getting Bloodsail Admiral) or any of the battleground reps, and haven't gotten around to finishing Avengers of Hyjal. Haven't started on Ravenholdt because the prospect depresses me, but that will happen someday.
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nice Gelkis Cldan Centaur rep

if only i could get more :D

You could have!

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