[H] Knights of Omen are currently recruiting!

Knights of Omen is an established “reboot” level 25 guild seeking to build its active player base. Currently, we are recruiting from two demographics. One is the returning player who is looking for that “fresh start” to the game and the second is the “new to game” player that is just starting their adventures. Our target candidates should be 18+ as this is a “mature” guild, have a solid sense of humor, and show a sense of dedication to not only the guild, but to the game as well. Every type of gamer will be considered ranging from the casual to the more “hard core” individuals. We feel that every play style can only make the guild stronger as a whole.

Currently we have no structured schedules but would like to create them in the future. What this means is right now we do not have any restrictions on race/class/level/spec but do ask that if you fit either of our recruiting demographics that you start with a fresh “new” character. This will help you become “vetted” within our guild meaning by the time you reach high levels, we as a guild will know your play style and hopefully you will know our guild tactics. We feel this is the best way for us as a guild to succeed at the end game.

Now about us… We are all 18+ (most are well older than that, lol) and scattered all around the world. Most of us have multiple characters and most of those are 80+. Please don’t let that discourage you from joining. We all have a joking sense of humor so if the first question you hear us ask is about “bean skin”, please know we are not talking about pea pods! Some of us have played together for years while others have only recently joined. We’re not “elitists” so you have no worries about not being on the same level as some of us. We’ll help you in game and in our TeamSpeak voice server as much as we can.

If you would like to join our guild, please visit our FB page and make a post:


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