I run alot of randoms, and I am about at my JP cap.
I plan on tanking and dps when i hit 90 in heroics and hopfully in raid once again.

My question, is should i start spending my JP on JP gear, or trade them in for HP and get pvp gear.

I been away from the game for quite a while, and I know back in the day, some pvp items were quite powerfull for tanking and dps for pve. Currently all i see is blue quality items for Jp rewards is why i ask. If some of the pvp gear would be better suited for starter gear i would rather spend it there.

I have to start spending my points on gear or i will cap out, so Im planning ahead and going to start collecting lvl 90 gear with one point or the other.

dewl speck, ret and prot.

I mainly run ret, but always keep prot gear with me cause tanks bail all the time, with no warning or reason. and i have been very successful swaping specks, and switching gear to fill the tank slot till another one comes along, or just finish the dungen.
JP gear = 458. Honor gear = 476. Get the Honor gear.

PvP stats are considered extra now, so PvP gear has the exact same stats as equal-level PvE gear (plus PvP power and resilience). There's really no reason to get the JP gear anymore.
I apreciate the responce. Im coming out of a wotlk reterment, lots to learn!!!!!

Thanks so much!!!
Keten gives solid advice. Run your dungeons, convert JP to Honor, buy gear. I'll give a bit more advanced advice.

There are two new factions in 5.2 on the new island for when you hit 90. The first one, since you're Alliance, is the Kirin Tor Offensive or some such. They sell a 476 belt for gold at Honored, no VP/JP needed. Also, there's a panda faction, the Shado-Pan Assault, on the same new island, that sells 522 VP gear, which is head and shoulders above the 489 and 496 gear you can get from the other vendors (though, the weaker gear IS discounted by 50% and 25% respectively). You can buy a neckpiece from our sexy panda friends at neutral, and at Friendly (Which will probably require you to get 480 iLevel first in order to run the newest LFR raid that opens tomorrow so you can get their rep, though there are other, very slower ways), it opens up three more pieces. Any VP you can save for them is a plus, though you'll probably spend some trying to reach that 480 breakpoint and not capping.

Next, you say you are Ret primarily and Prot secondary. In that case, let me mention that in Panda-land, Tankadins have a different stat priority than they have before. With the coming of 5.2 (though theorycrafting is still being worked through), it's Hit to Cap > Exp to Cap > Haste = Mastery ~= Dodge = Parry >>> Crit. So when you're buying your gear, check both Prot and Ret items. Any ret items you find that don't have crit can double as Prot with very little loss (enchants, gems, and reforging notwithstanding). And if it HAS crit on it, well, just reforge it into something else (Ret stat priority: Hit to cap > Str > Haste > Mastery = Crit). Haste is a happy stat for you.

Happy hunting!
Ty for that info Wards, that will be very helpfull info indeed!!
Trying to buy the hinor gear has proven dificult sence i cant seam to get to the QM. Can anyone shed some light on just how to get on top that pesky wall??? Iv swamm all the way around it and corps hoped thru hi lvl mobs trying to find a way up
There's a tower that serves as a quest hub for Shado-Pan in Kun-Lai past the gate leading into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. There's a set of stairs that take you up to a flight point and the top of the wall.

Ride along the top of the wall until you get to the Gate of the Setting Sun, which will be the one bordering Dread Wastes and being assaulted by Mantid. You kinda have to be careful and jump around the towers here until you reach the summoning stone for the instance of the same name as the Gate to which you just arrived - there's a flight point here, too.

From there, continue to follow the wall to the PvP vendors on the wall in the Valley of Four Winds.
03/11/2013 02:11 PMPosted by Wards
You can buy a neckpiece from our sexy panda friends at neutral, and at Friendly

what neck is this exsactly and were/who sells it?


and thx Grôgnárd, i apreciate the advise!!
03/21/2013 11:12 AMPosted by Knockerz
You can buy a neckpiece from our sexy panda friends at neutral, and at Friendly

what neck is this exsactly and were/who sells it?

Vendor on the Isle of Thunder, in the Shado-Pan Assault area that leads to the raid entrance.
Thx Grôgnárd,

BTW, my plan failed. You cannot buy Hp gear early. you have to be 90 to buy 90 gear. What a stupid rule.

But, this def helps with my shoping list, Been tanking alot more randoms than playin ret cause as you know ret + Q = long wait.
So far no problomes tanking normals, yes i have a seperate set of tank gear ;)

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