Interacting with NPCs not working properly.

Bug Report
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Still happening. May 09, 2013

You do understand that the blue post a few posts above yours says "in an upcoming patch", right?

You know there wasn't a patch today, so there is zero reason to bump the thread and "remind" people that it isn't fixed yet. It's been stated that you wont see any difference until the patch is released.
As I've mentioned previously the issue is mostly to do with the caching of data. When you're unable to interact with an NPC (tradeskill windows share this problem) the client is attempting to cache their text, a variety of things can slow or stop that process. The fix should resolve those issues. In the mean time I don't recommend deleting your cache unless necessary as it will cause this issue to occur more frequently.

It is not a caching issue. You seem to be misguided as to what the problem is. This does not happen the first time you interact with an NPC and then will after a point start working. It happens every single time you interact with any NPC with dialogue. You can close the window, then try re-opening again and it still happens. If this had anything to do with caching, it would not fail again after it worked once. You can do this for hours on the same NPC and it will continue to instantly close the dialogue (it does not fail to open: it closes instantly) more than 60% of the time. This is either a client-server interaction or an interface interaction, actively causing the dialogue to close after you have opened it.
Still wondering about this and with the reply from Grayson, if the problem will be fixed anytime soon.

Put that with the retrieving info bug that does happen. Seems the fix might be here, but this is something that QA should have seen coming.
Making us wait for these 2 game breaking problems (npcs first, then the retrieving info bug) seems a big problem with Blizz not caring anymore.
Bug is still active, and while its annoying, its not game breaking - hopefully it will be fixed in 5.3!
I beg to differ with you Bulliwyf

It is game breaking, when it happens so much and for so long.

This is something that should have been addressed A.S.A.P.

If it was a free game, then you hang in there and report it, hoping it will get fixed a month or so later.

Last I checked, I pay to play, and so do many others that have suffered this problem.

The game is broke when these things happen, and a quick fix is in order.
Not a few months or so later......
Same problem here since yesterday. Already changed the UI language twice, cleaned the cache and all. I need to disconnect than reconnect to be able to talk with some npcs. And it is very frustrating.

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