Interacting with NPCs not working properly.

Bug Report
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I'm experiencing this as well. Thank you for looking into it.
My wife and I both have this issue as well. Separate computers (hers is AMD - mine is Intel), separate connections, different mouse types, all characters at all levels, in all game areas. That said, while it is annoying it certainly does not make the game "unplayable" as someone suggested earlier. It happens often but not always and usually three or four clicks will get the dialogue box to stay open. Aggravating and annoying but not debilitating.
same problem, as well as unplayable lag
Also experiencing this since 5.2.

Not sure what other info to provide that would help to solve this, as the issue happens intermittently (but too frequently for me to just ignore).
want to confirm I am getting the same issue whether mouseclicking on the NPC or using the interact with NPC keybind the dialog windows will fairly frequently flicker open and close several times or not open at all even though the NPC makes hand gestures like he had the dialog initiated
This issue started up for me last week. It happens on ALL of my characters, in every zone I've quested in and on both of the realms I currently play on. I've tried swapping out my mouse and it still happened. Same deal with disabling my addons.

Quite annoying! :(
Exact issue is having to click on NPCs multiple times after mini-patch/emergency restarts, and I mean on that hour it started for me.
I current have this problem... there several post for this in pt foruns
Greetings! I found Alera's original thread while looking for a solution to this problem, and due to the pretty snarky Blue-Post, I felt I should probably speak up that this is a problem I am experiencing also. Thanks for your time, and for any and all efforts related to addressing this issue.

Where exactly are these "tons of people"?

I only see the three of you in this thread so far.

It may indeed be a bug and if so, it would need to be reported in the Bug Reports forum. If I can't reproduce it, there's really nothing I'd be able to do about it.

It's much more likely in my opinion to be something unique to the people reporting it than it is to be a bug in the game. I could be wrong though if there are "tons of people" reporting it but I haven't seen any indication of that yet, have you?
Same problem here.
Two different installs/computers - Both Windows-7 64-bit
One Razor Imperator.
One Razor Naga Molten Special Edition

Occurs since 5.2 on all toons of all levels. Spamming right-click you can see the dialog window open , and you might get lucky and hit it the even amount of times to have it left open.
Doesn't happen all the time, but once it starts, it happens alot.
We're currently researching this.

Still happening, very frequently, very annoying.

Please fix!
Same problem here!! Please fix this!!
Quite annoying!
Same issues here, its a little disgruntling having to click on an npc 6 times for the chat window to open and then immediately close. Sometimes running away fro mthe npc and coming back helps.
Same issue here, had it for a while now, think same as others.
Would you please send an email to my account if any action is necessary on my part to work around this issue?

Thank you,
I am also having this issue.
Still happening, with and without addons, and it is accompanied by "retrieving item information" in my profession books and items in my bags.

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