[H] Shadowed 16/16 5/12 LFM

Bleeding Hollow
Shadowed a level 25 horde guild is looking for more to fill core raid spots. We formed appx two weeks before patch 5.2 and worked through t14 and t15 content. We pride ourselves on never missing a scheduled raid night. Due to circumstances we have to change our raid nights for this month to Tues/Thur/Monday 8-11pm. We strive to do varied many things ranging from pvp to old raid content for transmog gear etc.

The goals and raid times for Core2 are as follows.

  • Raid times are tues, thursday, and Monday. 8-11pm server time.
  • We will strive to make steady progression through Throne of Thunder, as well as hard modes as the group wishes and is ready for.
  • We do use mumble for the raids as well as for general hanging out and chit chatting.
  • It is expected of members to do everything they can to be ready for the raids, including reforging, regemming, watching any videos that may be posted on the forums or elsewhere, and it is necessary sign ups on the in game calendar so we know whom to expect.
  • It is expected of members to keep up with the changes if any to their classes and be able to perform to the level needed to clear the content.

Recruitment needs are as follows.

  • Tanks - Need a quality tank for immediate core spot.
  • RDPS -Elemental Shaman, Hunter or Mage.
  • MDPS - Currently Filled. Thank you for checking.
  • Heals - Filled, exceptional players welcomed.
  • Ideally we would prefer 500+ but a clear understanding of your class and gearing as well as experience can trump the requirement.

About the raid leader, Tannik has played over eight years raiding for most of that time in various guilds. He has participated in most of the heroic mode content in WoTLK as well as Catacylsm. If you have any questions feel free to leave a message below or contact Tannik (squishsquash#1316) in game. We look forward to hearing from you.

One final thing, folks who are looking for flexiabilty with raiding feel free to inquire for a rotational/bench. Every raiding guild can use folks willing to step in to fill in or do alt raids etc.
I am interested in this. Sent you ingame mail.

Looking forward to speaking with you, see you in game!
WTB Holy Pally.

Good group of people.
Updated with needs, PST for more information, Core2 is now all Tater Tots all the time!
Get in on some hot Throne of Thunder progression! Need a Holy paladin! Rdruid or Rsham or MW Monk too!
Could really use some rock solid healers! PST!
bump still looking, spot for a healer!

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