Assassination ST/DT Rogue LF RBG Team

Hey all fresh back to the game been on break since wrath finished out....thus I have never done RBG's. I do have plenty of PvP experience, a mic, a more than adequate rig and know how to follow directions. Gear is maxed(minus Dancing Steel on MH) 5.2 Mal Set any way feel free to reply here or pm me on KT.
I read this post as

> STD Rogue LF RBG
LOL...I mean Shuriken Toss/Deadly Throw Combo.
Bump :D
Looking to get some games in today or tomorrow your teams or comps rating doesn't matter to me just want to get my feet wet. I have a disc/shadow priest that wants to join as well. Should also mention I am fully capable of playing sub....that said don't sleep on assassination especially outside of arena.

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