6/12. Great Environment. 12hr/3d LF HIGH DPS

25m Raiding. Times: 8-12pm Tu/Th/Su.

We enjoy kills, efficiency and good times. A number of us have exp in high end top us guilds. We have a tight crew and promote a professional environment that seeks to find similar minded people who are always looking to up their game. The large majority of our guild is 23+.

We are recruiting any exceptional dps (90%+ in your rankings /w raid awareness/brains) and one healer. Preferences include HUNTER, WARLOCK, BOOMKIN, ELE SHAM, FROST DK, RET PALLY. Exceptional players with good raid awareness are always welcome to contact me.

It is important to note that unlike most guilds on this server we do not put up with drama, immaturity or general loot whorishness / swollen head syndrome. Most of these will result in you being immediately removed from the guild. We wish to push high US ranking on a reasonable raid schedule and have a professional environment.

Take a look at our wowprogress statements (Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum @ Arthas) and contact us if you think you have the personality and skill that would mesh with our team.

Contact: Levios#1714

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