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Hello, I am looking to transfer to an Oceanic server, because the times on these servers fit my schedule better. But since I speak English I am hoping to go to one where I can communicate with everyone with no problems. So which ones are Australia based or other English speaking countrys based?
Pretty much all of them have a look ing oceanic guild recruitment, if your geared looking to raid or just make an alt and see
All Oceanic Servers have English as the official language albeit the quality of the English may leave a lot to be desired at times!

You will, of course, find it common to have Singaporean based guilds etc, but even so, I did not find it common in them to have them speaking in Mandarin or Malay or using Chinese characters. Their respect for their members who could not read it was too great. I think you'll find in the main, it's a non-issue.

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