I so want a Pally

I love my Ele sham but I feel like something is missing nowadays..I have the urge to play melee. Pallys seem very fun..however, even though I have tons of heirlooms I find it soooooo daunting to have to go through the leveling process again..and also have to level my professions..Pally worth it? /sigh
It's always worth it to play a class you enjoy. The only thing you lose by trying is time.

I've levelled two pallys two 90 and another to 85 and they are lots of fun to level. You can queue as a ret tank for dungeons up until BCish levels (where queues get quick cause all the dk tanks)
And with little bonuses like increased mount speed, BoP (so you can take shortcuts off cliffs), bubble (so you can pull tons of mobs) levelling goes fairly quick with a pally.

It's my second favourite to level (after dk because you get to skip vanilla!) and tied as my favourite to play.

It's my favourite battleground/solo class to play too which is what I do most of:)
In the incredibly unlikely event that I were ever to shelf my Paladin but continue to play WoW, I would probably shift to my Shammy.

Of all the classes I have (read: seven above 80, plus a rogue), Paladin and Shaman are my two favorites. As a Paladin, I run mostly as Ret, dabble in Prot, but really enjoy Holy as an offspec; as a Shaman, I dual-spec DPS - prefer Enhance, dabble as Ele. Ret and Enh feel incredibly similar, mechanically, in that there rarely seems to be any downtime in the DPS rotation while also providing strong raid utility.
I love my paladin, and I also love my elemental shaman. Shaman fulfills my caster dps fun, and paladin fulfills my tanking fun. Both classes are worthwhile depending on your likes.
Paladins are a great melee leveling class. the self heals are both useful and fun. Makes you feel like superman.

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