Aerie Peak
We've merged guilds with <Avant Garde> from Earthen Ring. Please contact me if you're interested in joining raid team 2 in Avant Garde. Tentatively, raid times will still be Fri/Sat from 8-11:30 PM EST. BT is nbsulla#1851 for more information.
Bump. Still looking for a few people for tomorrow night. If you're worried about losing out on your Friday night, drinking while raiding is not frowned upon here.
Still need a few more people that can reliably show up.
Gogo recruits. MSV and HoF down tonight, ToES tomorrow.
Still recruiting some capable DPS and one more dedicated healer. We finished T14 raids in one night this weekend and will be moving into Throne of Thunder next weekend.

Please consider whether you can actually commit to showing up consistently or whether your computer/internet connection can handle uninterrupted raiding for 3 hours at a time before you contact me.
I still have 2 DPS and 1 healer spot to fill for Throne of Thunder Friday night at 8PM EST/5PM ST. Contact me for info on joining the raid or guild.
Bump, still looking to fill those spots. 8PM eastern tonight. BYOB.
OP updated!
I recently transferred here from a backwater RP realm that doesn't have half of the progression of AP.

Immediately after transferring, my wife and I joined up with Massive Dynamic for some weekend raids. While there isn't a set team in place, Comus makes an excellent raid leader and is damned resourceful when it comes to finding quality players to fill roles.

I'd say that if there is anyone out there looking for super-efficient and friendly raiding on the weekends without a lot of wipes, don't overlook this guild. The raid times are great and its a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere.
Thanks for the vote of confidence Twitch! We are still looking for good reliable people that want to raid on the weekends. I'd love to get in to Throne of Thunder and begin downing current content, which requires our recruits to show up at the posted raid times.

Also, we are beginning to do challenge modes on our off-time. If you'd like to get in on the ground floor of our group that is forming we will also accept new members for this. Contact me in-game for more info. Best method is to use my BT as I'm constantly logging around between alts and different servers.
Bump. Still recruiting.

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