(H) < Altitude > 2/13HM ToT; LF rdps

Guild: Altitude
Faction: Horde
Realm: Hyjal-PvE
Raid Type: 10 Man
Progress: 2/13 Heroic ToT
Schedule: Tue/Thu/Sun 6-9pm pst
Loot Type: Loot Council
Recruiter Contacts: Tag#1812
Website: http://altitude.guildportal.com

Altitude is a casual guild with a large Colorado member base with a lot of real life friendships. We currently have a progression raid team. We do require those interested in raiding to truly know their class and their specs and have a full understanding of each boss mechanic and ability. Our raid invites are always based on raid needs, raid build, and individual performance and attendance.

If you are interested in joining as a casual Coloradan, or as a raider, please find someone in game to speak with! Or check out our website.

< Altitude > is currently recruiting:
  • Exceptional rdps and heals with strong situational awareness.
  • - pref: spriest, boomkin, hunter, mage, lock
  • Requirements:
  • iL must be 510+
  • Previous raid experience encouraged.
  • Ventrilo
  • Please find me in game, battletag: Tag#1812
    Edit for need of Tank.
    Edit for new needs.
    Bumped for new needs.
    Now lookin for a spriest, boomkin, hunter or ele shaman for pushing into heroic content.
    Ain't never no spell haste nowheres!
    Gogo Tags!
    Yes... I also agree. If you are a capable and competent rdps, you should talk to Tag. And clearly I am Not Tag, so I am unbiased.
    Ahmergerd ranged dps.. where are you?

    Needing some kind of caster dps. Consistent, reliable and skilled.
    Changed with new needs.

    We technically have 2 rdps spots open to consistent and reliable dps.
    We needs 1 rdps and 1 healer to round out our roster.
    We are now lookin for a few rdps to really round out our roster and fill in recent gaps in our raid crew. High preference for hunter or ele shaman.

    We really want to fill our ranks and solidify our group so we can move forward in this tier. :)
    Shamon, folks!
    Sorry for being off-topic but do you guys still let in Colorado players/ have meet-ups?
    yes we do. bump
    Do you have want/need for a Ret Paladin? I also have some experience tanking.

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