Need help on Megaera

So my team is having a lot of trouble on Megaera on the last head, we can't survive the last 20-40% of the last head. We just get freaking nuked. We're doing kill only Fire/Green heads only. We do Hero on 5th rampage/6th head.

Do you guys have any advice? Should we 4 heal it? (Still had trouble even after nerf)

Here is logs to our best attempt (got him to 22%):

those are our logs for our kill before the nerf.. we had to make our lock switch to his resto shaman for extra cd's. for our kill this week(which i forgot to log) this wasnt needed at all

we only killed poison and fire heads as well. just make sure your best geared tank is taking the fire guy. purity is pretty pro here, esp for when a rampage is coming and your tank has 3-4 stacks of fire.

i would not 4 heal it, especially with your available raid cd's and you being a holy paladin (you should carry this fight pretty hard)

dont use healing cd's for rampage, thats the easy part! you can make your shaman drop healing rain for safety if its an issue
go normal until 5th head dies
inbetween 5th and 6th head, use a tranq when people start getting lowish.
6th head dies - make sure barrier and devo or similiar are up.
after the 6th head dies, use lust. tide or guidance when people get low, and 2nd tranq to keep people up until its dead.


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