(H)Universal Order recruiting weekend raiders

A little bit about us:

We are a guild of nearly 5 years (couple weeks till we turn that) and still here to work with the community of Ravenholdt. We are one of 8 guilds that managed to acquire all 3 normal mode Feats of Strengths for tier 14 raiding, and would like to share our group's success with the rest of you. We have 2 groups raiding on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Our guild is currently seeking range fighters and healers to strengthen our weekend afternoon raid team. This group is engaging in normal tier 14, and anyone who shows skill, dedication and the drive for more, has potential to progress to more challenging encounters. Players who show true potential and passion may be called upon for our evening group to help us with current encounters.

Feel free to respond here or in game if you would like to discuss possible recruitment.

By the way, tanks and melee fighters will be considered as well. The above roles are more of what we need at the moment.
An update to our current progression is 2/12 in the Throne of Thunder.

Look forward to speaking to all interested recruits.


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