Holy/Ret Paladin Looking for a new home.

I'm looking for a guild that has a spot for a Holy(493) paladin,possibly Ret (488)though my gear is lacking even more in that department.

About me:
I've been playing World Of Warcraft since mid BC , started as a hunter and switched to paladin during Black Temple and I've never looked back I just love the class.

As you can see I lack quite a bit off experience on the Mist of Pandaria bosses, that is due to the fact that my guild raid times started to conflict with my new work schedule.

Past PvE Experience:
8/9 Black Temple,4/6 Sunwell Plateau I decided to take a break from the game with the upcoming expansion.
I played kinda casually for T7 altho i have cleared all the raid zones at that time.Leading into seriously raiding in Ulduar.
I went 4/5 25 and 4/5 10 ToGC.
I went 11/12 on 25 and 11/12 on 10 in Icecrown Citadel
I cleared Normal content, but with the group of players I was with, we did not see much headway in heroics. This was the tipping point when I decided to stop playing with friends, and to start playing at a level where people take raiding to at least a certain degree of seriousness.
I raided with the guild i am in at the moment and that's <Reign in Power>
We went 6/7 FL 10hm pre 4.3.
Cleared Dragon Soul on Heroic Mode at US 227 and World 1028 this is just against 10 man guilds.Ranked within top 70 as Holy on our first heroic boss kills in Dragon soul.
Got to Madness without the nerf. Killed Madness with 5% nerf.

Past PvP Experience:
Just the Two of Us: 2200 - 04/25/2010
High Five: 2200 - 10/26/2009
Three's Company: 2200 - 06/04/2009
The Arena Master - 10/24/2009
Highest Arena Rankings
2s - 2350
3s - 2308
5s - 2125

What I'm looking for:

-Preferably an Alliance guild
- A stable guild
- Good leadership
- 10 man
- Social atmosphere

- Preferably a few heroic kills as I'm used to heroic raiding.

I can offer :
I'm a friendly person that considers himself as a solid player, I'm quite social and enjoy banter on vent/mumble as well outside of raids. I have played holy as my Main spec since Mid BC and Ret as my Offspec since Firelands.
During progress I give my input on a boss fights be it on forums/over Voice com when it's up for discussion. I'm always eager to compete and take constructive criticism well.
Hey Crusadeer,
I am always looking for solid, reliable players for my 10m ToT group.
We run Thursday / Monday 9pm-12am Est. Very friendly and active guild, with two teams and 100+ active guildies. I would like to talk to you more, and if this is something that may interest you please msg me in game, or /who Dawning Nemesis to track down one of the other Officer's if i am not available, Thanks.
If you are still looking for a home.... We are a 10m semi-hardcore progression guild and are currently looking for a holy pally to fill out our raid team... We raid 8-11EST tues-thurs and are currently 4/12 ToT... If you have any questions please contact me through battletag... doubey421#1210
Or check us out at: http://wraiders.guildzilla.com/

We were 6/16 HM pre5.2

We are 4/16 ToT atm and have only raided one night this week and expect to fly through a lot of the next bosses. For what it's worth, we've been 2 healing every boss so far. It would be great to get that one thing we're missing... a strong 3rd healer w/ a good DPS OS.

Fri 8-11
Sun 7-9:30

2 nights, but we get things done.

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