AMD Radeon HD 7660D (blurry hard to read text

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This is the graphics card that came with my new computer (HP Pavilion p7-1430), just wondering if i should upgrade this for playing WoW. The game is running in High settings at the highest resolution and getting around 30-40fps but the text on nameplates is blurry and hard to read unless right in front of camera. Just wondering if a better graphics card would fix this
Are you using MLAA form of anti-aliasing in Catalyst Control Center?

I also assume you are running the game in monitor's native resolution. That is to say, if monitor supports up to something like 1680x1050, then you have the game running in 1680x1050 resolution.
Im running the game in 1920x1080 which is the recommended resolution for my monitor. As far as the MLAA in my CCC i dont know i messed with those settings last night it didnt seem to change anything but now my Catalyst Control Center wont open after updating to newest now im trying to figure that out. From what im reading i was supposed to uninstall old driver first but i let windows update it automatically without uninstalling the old one first soooo
Don't do it.

Use this tool first to uninstall:

Then try reinstalling latest drivers:
Ok got the drivers straightened out. Looking at my CCC i dont see anything that says MLAA.
Under Anti Aliasing method my options are Multisampling, Adaptive Multi sampling and Supersampling. Then i can also change the level from 2x-8xeq. I can turn on and off morphological filtering, and change standard and edge detect filters. Thats all i have for options.
The easiest way is to simply reset the settings to default / leave it at default.
ok everything is back to default. Text is still blurry away from camera but i guess its really no big deal. I'm sure soon enuff i will get a new graphics card and give it a shot. I just assumed that an integrated card wasnt good for games like wow.....Thank you very much for your responses
Are you running a vga cable or dvi? If possible, try a dvi cable.
Are you running a vga cable or dvi? If possible, try a dvi cable.

Also make sure you are running at your monitor's native resolution.
I bought a dvi/hdmi connector for the monitor. I've been using that since last night, its a little blurry still, but its better then what it was.
When I first used my TV as my monitor text was super small. I Messed with the UI settings enlarging everything so I can better see things. So if your monitor just so happens to be a 40" TV you might want to try this out.

I know it is somewhere in WoW's settings, and I also had to do it within Windows as well.
Morphological filtering is the culprit. At least, it was for me!

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