Zerat Greatsword Vs Non elite pvp weapon

Anyone know how much PVP power equal in terms of top end weapon damage?
I assume the T1 conquest pvp weapon will overide 528 Thunderforge weapon. But until then, is my current weapon best?

Currently using Zerat, Malakk's Soulburning Greatsword

A guildy suggested I use the 470 pvp weapon, despite the huge drop in weapon damage for pvp. I personally Think the PvE thunder-forge is better.

Honor Malevolent Gladiator's Greatsword

Conquest Tyrannical Gladiator's Greatsword

Is the Honor sword better than my current pve weapon?
Same thing for me Zerat (502) greatsword just dropped for me tonight and I'm wondering if I should use that instead of the Malevolent Gladiator's Greatsword (470) for PvP. I tried some bgs with Zerat's tonight and didn't really notice a huge difference.
Fix the quick links to the weapons.
If you're PVPing, use the pvp weapon. That huge chunk of pvp power on the others make all the difference. If you're doing pve though, the choice is obvious which to use there.
PVP is like 2x as valuable as your primary stat in PvP or something? Based on that alone, the PvP-relevant stats of the Malevolent/Tyrannical is more valuable than the PVE weapon. I got the 502 LFR version the other day, but I'm using the 470 Malev weapon when I PVP for the same reason.
Got this from Eldacar's guide at Arenajunkies website.

PVP Power has linear returns, +265 PVP Power gives you +1% damage/healing in PVP.

If im not mistaken, both PVP weapon has a 4470 PVP power stats, so thats a 16.87% increase damage in PVP.

DPS = ((Min Weapon Damage + Max Weapon Damage) / 2) / Weapon Speed
Attack power (AP) increases your base DPS by 1 for every 14 attack power.
For that kind of weapon, Each point of strength increases melee attack power by 2.

Zerat, Malakk's Soulburning Greatsword

1568 STR = 3136 AP / 14 = 224 DPS

So total DPS is 6244.3

Malevolent Gladiator's Greatsword

960 STR = 1920 AP / 14 = 137.14 DPS

So total DPS is 3644.04 x 1.1687 PVP Pwr = 4258.79 DPS

Tyrannical Gladiator's Greatsword

1190 STR = 2380 AP / 14 = 170 DPS

So total DPS is 4514.9 x 1.1687 PVP Pwr = 5276.56 DPS

Now my calcul considers the weapon only, but the 16.87% PVP pwr from PVP weapon will also apply on the strengh given by your other slots, but I dont think it will compensate for the huge gap of the ilvl weapon. The guide in arenajunkie also recommend to keep high raid pve weapon vs lower ilvl pvp weapon, considering also the fact that there is no resilience on the weapon, and the resilience should be stack before PvP power since the gain is around 1,65% vs 1%.

I personally Think the PvE thunder-forge is better in PVP.
The PvP weapon lacks weapon damage

The Pve weapon easily trumps the Power+Resil with 11k weapon damage, gem slot, str, stam, and secondary stat increases.

Its really no contest go with the PvE sword

It looks like an Elite Pve weapon will also out preform the conquest weapon, works out to be close to 10k weapon damage
Thank you all for your feedback and Xhor. The numbers is what I wanted to compare.
Wow- Check out those new pvp patch notes. lol

Clearly, Blizzard wants to remove the heroic/thunderforge pve gear from pvp. I cant blame them, I rock people with my thunderforge weapon. The top end damage is ridiculous and by far much more superior than pvp power.

Zerat, Malakk's Soulburning Greatsword In the next patch would be scale down to 496 >.>

Battlegrounds, Rated Battlegrounds, and Arenas now have an ilevel cap. All gear will be scaled down to ilevel 496.

All characters now have a base Resilience of 65%.
Season 13 Tyrannical gear had their item levels increased to ilevel 496, up from ilevel 493.
Season 13 Tyrannical Elite gear had their item levels decreased to ilevel 496, down from ilevel 512.

The rush for 27k Conquest points will now just be for cosmetic looks. The elite 522 weapon, will be the same you can by much much sooner.

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