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The Argent Crusade is my favorite faction, that or the Scourge.... Take your pick
I'd personally pick, (based on my favorite faction lore-wise), Undercity. The undead have always been my absolute favorite race. The only reason I made this lock an orc was because I wanted the racial for burst.. but with the new undead healing racial, (touch of the grave?) I have a feeling I won't be this way for long.. :)

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The Scourge all the way baby.
The Shado-Pan, though low numbers seems to be an issue for them story-wise.
Sporeggar. I've been wearing their tabard up until this expansion since I bought it. Once I finish Tushui rep it's just sitting in my bag waiting.
The dark harvest.
I'm torn between Netherwing and Shado-Pan. The idea of being either a dragon or a ninja will forever plague my indecisive mind. >.<
What a hard question... Hmmmm.

I think either the Wyrmrest Accord, or the Cenarion Circle. Or the Lorewalkers.

The Syndicate. I would be the 1st person in the game to get exalted with them, and access their secret quartermaster that sells everything that was ever removed from the game.

Where do I sign up for that?
The Explorers League!
Zandalar Tribe old school ftw
Obviously the Earthen Ring because shamans amirite?

I feel like it is hard to see a faction as something to attach oneself too because they are so temporary and shortsighted most of the time. X faction exists to combat Y. Y gets taken care of and you move on to threat Z so X means nothing now. I would have to say however that the better factions seem to me to be the ones added mid expansion vs the start of the expansion. These newer factions crop up quickly to combat new threats versus already being part of the lay of the land.
Faction, huh??...Well it depends, from a character point of view the faction that I would join permanently would have to have something beneficial to make it worthwhile such as:

1. Faction colored armor set. Possibly weapons as well.
2. Access to 1-3 mounts that no other factions can acquire. Pets for that matter.
3. Access to unique recipes for crafting, maybe 1-2 epic's that do not exist anywhere else.
4. Or something else completely unique to a character's class...hunter, mage, warrior, etc.

Something that would make joining a particular faction standout amongst others.
Consortium. Ethereal smuggling and inter-planetary travel. The "techno-sorcery of K'aresh" and all that.

Runner up, Undercity. Beware the liviiiing!
If you could join one of the World of Warcraft factions you gain reputation with permanently, which would it be and why?

i.e. Shado- Pan, Tillers, Argent Crusade etc.

Happy Friday everyone. I hope it's a good one!

The Argent Crusade.

Nether dragons are awesome.
Argent Crusade, in a heartbeat.

EDIT: Because, well, I'm a paladin and they're a bunch of paladins. It's like a giant paladin-fest. And some priests. They're OK too.
Stormpike Guard, be it myself or my many alts, I've spent a large percentage of my time fighting along side them over the years, from the beginning and the marathon battles, through all the many changes, the good and the bad, till even in today's pale reflection of it's former glory i find myself eagerly queuing to join ranks with them gain.
For the Shado Pan, For PANDARIA !!!!!

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