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Wrymrest Accord.

Love dem dragons!

Plus the female dragonkin there are quite pretty <3
I'm a gnome. Aren't we pretty much our own faction anyway?

& since that's true, why would I ever want to be on any other faction?
Lorewalkers. Cho is probably one of my most favorite characters in this expansion.
The will of the Klaxxi is eternal!
Mag'har because brown orcs are cool. I want to be one :(
Any Furbolg faction. Because of reasons. :3

Cute reasons.
All my blood elves that I level past 30 are also exalted with Tranquillian and they would join that faction. All my paladins I work towards reputation with the Argent Dawn and the Crusade. My mage would join the Kirin Tor and the Violet Eye, the DKs the Knights of the Ebon Blade and my rogue would join Ravenholdt.

I am a farm girl at heart so everybody naturally will join the Tillers as well.
Keepers of Time or the Black Prince. Me and Wrathion would conquer the world of warcraft together. Or me and Nozdormu.
The Klaxxi. Your gods are not your gods!
Cenarion Circle. I really wish it was more relevant for Druids in perpetuity than a toss-off reputation for Vanilla content. :( It was so exciting, early on, to talk with these mysterious people to learn about being bear and evil potato thing.

Personally, I'd love to see signature "organizations" for all classes - something to provide a bit of diversity to the questing experience.
For Darnassus and the Cenarion Circle.

<3 Tauren
For the Shattered Sun Offensive... man that is a mouthful.
For the Sporelings!

Those guys taste great freshly sprinkled with lemon and a side of Glowcaps.
I'm torn between Argent Dawn (yes Dawn, not Crusade), Cenarion Circle, and Earthen Ring.

Preferably all three, and go get storytime from Lorewalker Cho.
Sporeggar. they're Fun Guy after all.
Tillers, I love my farm! <3
Argent Crusade as a paladin. Explorer's League as a dwarf. Thorium Brotherhood as a blacksmith. Choices, choices.
Lore-wise... it'd have to be the Klaxxi.
Sporeggar because they have the best tabbard by far. Also, who doesn't love little mushroom people?
Argent Crusade! I <3 Tirion.

....and there is always the possibility that some necromancer will raise Arthas from the dead....



...please Blizz?


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