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If you could join one of the World of Warcraft factions you gain reputation with permanently, which would it be and why?

i.e. Shado- Pan, Tillers, Argent Crusade etc.

Happy Friday everyone. I hope it's a good one!

Wouldn't matter. Blizzard would figure out some way to make it to where you could switch your permanent faction because of better rewards with the next. Effectively creating another time sink.

But then it wouldn't be a permanent faction.. Though I'm sure you could pay ~$50 to "faction change" ;)
I really like this thread.

Breaks up all the ugly GD has seen recently.

Really cool to see where everyones loyalties lie as well.
Keepers of Time.

Clear choice eh?
I'd pick the Brood of Nozdormu so I could RP as the doctor. Traveling through time with a kidnapped companion, righting wrongs or at least trying not to accidentally exterminate entire races.
Mag'har, specifically the ones in Garadar.

I like that "live off the land and respect it" type of thinking, it makes things much simpler.

Plus living in Nagrand would be really nice, that zone is amazing!

2nd choice would probably be the tillers for pretty much the same reason.
Surprised this hasn't been posted yet, but...

122 factions exist in the game!

I'd pick the Explorer's League.
Ebon Blade.
The Argent Crusade. Because with all these apocalyptic evils trying to destroy the world, it's pretty dumb to still be getting bogged down in the Horde/Alliance war.

Plus, Tirion is awesome.

Although my Blood Elf toons might be inclined to join up with the Scryers. I always thought they were a really interesting faction that deserved more development. Their devotion to truth is very compelling.
I've always had a weird soft spot for the Gelkis Clan Centaur. Maybe it's because I was never able to max out their reputation, and there was no way to get exalted. I always thought there was some uber-reward that Blizz had hidden for finding a way to get exalted with those two forgotten centaur clans.

...maybe a centaur mount!



So I'd join them or Honor Hold. Nothing like fighting demons all day!
The Tillers...for the noms.
The Oracles - Just because they are the "New" Murloc lol
Everlook. Lhivera, when she is ready to retire, plans to build a house in the snowy hills of Winterspring. It's always good to be friends with the neighbors!
My life, for Lordaeron!

since I was a rogue for 8 years, and I loved the rogue quests while leveling in vanilla. They made me feel... sneaky.
For me it has to be the Scryers. It was during this time I really began to understand the importance of rep, and spent hours farming what I could to get to exalted. It was also a giggle to be thrown out of their bank when I followed hubby into his bank by mistake (of course he picked the opposite!).

Ah, happy days.

Ogri'la - I won't see a ton of people, and that's just how I like it. ;D
Keepers of Time

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