brand new computer freezing

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please help i don't know what to look for, and i sure as hell don't know how to navigate through windows 8 iv only had it for a week i just built the pc and everything is brand new its an

amd fx 6300
msi 760gm-p34fx mobo
powercolor amd 7850 2gb
mkIII silencer 500W
8gb ram and !@#$ty asus dvd drive

ill be playing wow for a little while then the screen will start to lock up and boom frozen its happened 3 times in the last 3 days except once rather then it freezing it just randomly restarted it hasn't done this before .

i did do a windows update i believe 2 days ago,

cpu and gpu temp is super low when i go into bois after the freeze and when im actually in game playing im not using more then 60%cpu or 70% gpu never seen higher

idk what to do :(
First thing to try is, does this happen with any other games, or is it just WoW? If all other games play just peachy even if you play for hours and hours, then something is wrong with WoW, or WoW doesn't like your system setup somehow (driver issues mostly).

I assume you did not overclock?
I assume you did not overclock?

This is important.

You should never overclock without two important things.

1. The mainboard and the CPU must be overclock capable.
2. You should install a good aftermarket CPU cooler (from Coolermaster or other good maker) as the stock cooler that comes with the CPU cannot handle the extra heat from overclocking.
i didnt get an aftermarket cooler but i am overclackable but im not overclocking cpu and gpu are at out of the box settings, it hasent done anything funny with any other games or surfing or anything like that, but it did however freeze today when i was just standing in srine of two moons, i left to get a drink and when i came back it was frozen so there was practically no load on it, im leaning into a driver issue
another source of info says i should run memtest86 over night cause bad ram could do it is that possible?
another source of info says i should run memtest86 over night cause bad ram could do it is that possible?

It is possible...I bought 4 sticks of RAM when I built this computer, and 2 of them ended up bad. But that tends to cause memory-related BSOD's, and error 132's in WOW, rather than freezing.
memtest86, or whatever that bootable is called that runs your memory through the paces.

If it gets errors early on, its bad memory. Get that replaced by the company.

I never buy mailorder. Luckily, I have some taiwan outlet place here that sells at nearly similar places to Newegg or what not. I got my last motherboard/ram upgrade there, brought it home, ran memtest86 first thing. The ram tested out, brought it back to that shop, some nerd tested it on a computer downstairs, then the salesclerk gave me replacements, which worked great. Including driving there, the whole thing took less than an hour total.

You don't need to run it overnight. The first few tests should catch the ram if its bad enough to do what you describe. Overnight might not be needed.

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