Horde Quest: Fish in a Bucket

Bug Report
Just picked up this quest for my baby warrior in Desolace. None of the shellfish traps in the water can be activated (no cogwheel icon). Very hard to get any shellfish if you are unable to get into the traps.
Same thing with my hunter -- quest tracking shows the appropriate area, but none of the traps can be interacted with.
Same here. I made three trips around the traps and can't interact with any of them.
same here
Having the same issue here on one of my alts. -_-
Same here. Cannot interact with any of the traps.
Same here , can't interact at all!
Can't do it on this character either. None of the traps are interactive.
also having same prob, anyone have a fix?
same issue, im just going to drop this quest.
Same here! So frustrating!!! But glad that I'm not alone.
Well haveing the same issue no active traps what the hell blizz
Same for me, thought maybe it was a UI glitch but no luck that cogwheel is no where to be found :/
This is happening to me too. Help Blizzard!
so, this is going on for some time..I want big Iron Fishing Pole..please do something Blizz!
Just got this quest as well and it dont work as well
Same, swam around for an hour. none of the traps are spawning Shellfish.
Get yo heads outta da bucket, an' put some fish in dere mon. Blizz, please fixit so our Hoardies can do the quest. Purty please.

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