Horde Quest: Fish in a Bucket

Bug Report
im also having the same problem.
we all know this quest isn't working, is there a fix coming soon?
seems like Blizz couldn't care less!!!
So far this quest is undoable... anything we can do to call Blizz' attention to it?
I am having same prob.... What's up Bliz?
2 months later and still broken.
Pffft, yeah. So glad I just spent an hour swimming around before checking here for answers. Come on, guys, get a fix. (Listen to me talking like I'm some hot shot. I'm so new it's insane. Either way. Fiiiix. D;)
still not fixed
Shellfish Trap still not clickable, etc. This should be added for hotfix! :)
still not fixed
When is Blizz gonna fix this?!
(*takes her clothes off, paints herself red and sets her hair on fire..)


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