BM arena pet and pet spec

Hey guys. What would be the best bm hunter pet and pet spec for arena? Cheers
The thread has a list of family abilities. Cunning gives you crit immunity and a trink for your pet, but ferocity comes with an instant rez. your going to be aiming for utility abilities, such as stuns, ccs, interrupts, and knock backs. IF you don't understand this, spore bat.
LIke above poster said usually you want a pet to slow or stun, snare, to help you keep range on targets. Other situations like casters, a pet to interrupt spell casts or slow casting time can help, or a disarm for melees. If you have a pet of each function filling up the 5 slots you bring around with you, when arena starts and you see the classes you got, you can pick the right pet for the matchup.

As far as spec, ferocity has heart of phoenix where as BM sometimes they will kill your pet. Better teams will probably kill your pet much more often than lower brackets knowing how important the pet is to BM hunters, this rez can help instantly brining the pet back. Going ferocity you do miss out on some good cunning abilities.

Cunning offers the crit protection for your hunter, the reduced crits on pet, the abilitiy bull headed to remove ccs on pet. Cunning is the pvp spec for pets. I spec cunning for mine in arenas, if my pet gets killed I try to find a pillar or cover to revive pet.

I don't think there is one pet that is best for every situation. As close to that you might get is a shale spider having a stund and 5% stat boost. Stuns help against any class and the stat boost helps you and your partner. Spirit beast can be helpful for their heal, along with the talented heal it can be a nice combo but you will find yourself missing the cc elements other pets have in arenas.
The spore bat reference is from a you tube video, the link

This question comes up a lot. in vannila, bc, and wrath, there was an absolute best pet. in Wrath, it was less specific, but wolves were overall the best. Before then, there were certain rare spawns that had better attack speeds or did more dmg, but then again it was an entire different ballpark back then.

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