Enhancement vs Rogue how to.

I beat a good rogue yesterday, was close though.

I basically kept my rotation like this:
(rockbiter on off hand, I don't like PE because smart rogues don't open if it's summoned.)

keep in mind you could be cc'd at any moment during this but just continue pushing out your ability's when you can.

-magma totem down
-trink the opener.(possibly instant hex them if u have swiftness and they don't have cloak up)
-shamanistic rage+astral shift(if you have it, I chose nature's guardian)/flame shock
-pop wolves whenever u can after that..
-pop cap totem/hex.
-I chose to pop ascendance with ancestral guidance to make him cloak and vanish at this point while healing a bit.
-pop some heals/eat/drink until he saps you

at this point use up the rest of your ability's and try to finish with:
-fire elemental totem/earthbind totem/stormlash totem/spirit walk/grace/kite while SS and LL are on cd.
Yeah, i guess you could do that but its easier to make cloak->vanish and get him on a cap totem apply flame shock and pop ascendance. To make him pop cloak-> vanish use your wolves and elementals, most rogues will freak out because ppl still think that wolves hit hard.
ty 4 how 2
yeah its so funny to watch people run away when i pop wolves. No one understands how they are the lowest hitting level 90 entity in the game. Don't tell anyone, it's our lil shaman secret!
I enjoy my shaman way more than my rogue. The class is just infinitely amounts more fun to play, imo.
lol so true alot of people still thinks wolves will hurt really badly lol its like a fake burst cast then it will force them to pop a defensive cd then bam :)
lol well my ordered list places spirit wolves before ascendance and fire elemental so, if it scares them into a vanish all the better. if not, rotation still works.

But the truth is a rogue worth their name will not allow full use of ascendance which is why i use it as a scare tactic and rely on fire elemental/normal ability's to finish.
i would only trinket a 6 second kidney, you can get blinded full if you trinket a 4 sec cheap shot and he waits for the DR to wear off

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