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I am so spoiled by my desktop that I don't think I could play below High settings anymore. I am just wondering if this would run WoW at least 50 fps on High.
I already have a desktop that will run everything on Ultra, I want something that will run it as close to 60 as possible. I can deal with High settings and even Good settings, I just can't deal with raiding under 20. I can deal with 50, 40 and maybe even 30. What do you think I could get out of that Acer?
The Acer won't give you 60 fps in raids, but it will give you playable FPS @ high settings.
As long as I can get at least 40 fps on Good settings I will be content.
What about this? :p How does it compare to the Acer?
I don't know about 40 FPS; all I can guarantee is that it won't be something like below 20 FPS. ;x

The Dell should be much better, but it does have higher native resolution (1080p).
Thanks :) One last comparison and I will go away :p The Dell or these pretty little Acers?
Dell. Both Acers come with terrible GPU for the price.
So I guess the processor speed doesn't matter as much as I thought it did for fps? Sorry for being so dumb lol. Also the one Acer has a 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M opposed to the Dell's 2GB GT 650M, isn't the 730 better? :x My problem is I don't wanna spend the extra $100 on the Dell xD
No. 730M is significantly worse than 650M
Okay, thank you, I guess I will go with the Dell unless you can think of something better for around the same price :)
Well, the Dell is a refurbished laptop, which is why it's cheap for what you get. A new laptop with similar features will run you almost $900.
Should I not buy refurbished?
If you want to play WoW on Ultra on a laptop get ready to spend 1.5k-2k and with that price you could get a desktop with a 680 that could max every game.

Is that including the monitor though?
Should I not buy refurbished?

It's a luck of the draw. Function wise, they all work, but cosmetically, you may get ones that look pretty bad.

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