Warlock quest chain

I need help on this. I can't kill the boss, I have been trying and trying but i simply can't do it. I have watched all the videos on it, read every tactic posted, and i can't do it, i can't figure out where my big mistake is, but second felhunter phase in impassable. is there any advice that cna be offered, i'm practically begging, i have been tying all week, i am so stressed i am suffering physical distress.

I AM trying to do it in demo, that might be the problem, but form those who have downed him, can you offer any tips other then the usual demonic circle, los chaosbolt, stun cata, aoe imps, move lord away for hunters, banish/fear doom, dispell debuffs, etc. I know all that. Thank you in advance for any help, this has frustrated me beyond anything in any game before.
don't use the portal to LOS the chaos bolt, instead use it every cd to keep aggro on the pitlord. This causes him to stop casting the chaos bolts and the fight becomes a lot easier.
Are you making sure to re-enslave your pit lord? Enslave wears off the 2nd fel puppy stage. I was making the same mistake last night.
There is a LOT of glitches that need to be fixed in the fight, a nerf would make it nicer too, but GC is kinda fail so that wont happen.

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