new game - can you name that addon!?

hey guys,

I''ve been gone for a while and i'm redoing my UI- used to use mainly perl, grid, recount and bartender for main mods but it's time for change.

Recently came across this video:

probably one of the best UI's i've seen so far imo. Can anyone help me name the mods??

I can spot the scrolling battle text, grid...and is that pitbull frames? I'm really interested in his threat/dps meters, bar addon, chat addon, buffs - basically everything else that i don't recognize.

halp pls! ty! <3
Omen for threat. Recount or Skada probably. Prat for chat I'm guessing. He's probably using a UI core package which shows his buffs. My LUI had something like that. Bartender with a Masque skin.

Might I suggest you take a look at Towelliee's UI. I rocked that configuration for a long time.
omen seems like a good guess as well as prat. looking through addons now for the buff tracker.

towelliee's ui isn't bad at all either
The buff/debuff/cooldown bars could be Weak Auras or Quarts. Maybe the Wowinterface version of PowerAuras, or Class Timers.
The unit frames could be anything.. Pitbull, SUF, oUF?
You can use Shiny Buffs by Seerah if you want your buffs to remain in the default location but skinned.
SexyMap is a good minimap replacement/addon.

When it comes down to it, any combination of addons that do the same thing can be made to look like that. Just download addons you like and duplicate the UI.

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