Need some advice.

Ok, so, I love Druids so much that I made yet another one.

I'm perplexed on which spec to level this time. I usually always go Feral.
I like the stealthyness and dps of it. But I'm never "Great" at it. Don't get me wrong, I'm OK at it, just never great. And I do enjoy it a lot.

I have 1/2 the BoA set for Feral. But a full set for Boomer/resto (Not including weapons or accessories). Which, let's face it, BoAs really do help these days in low level BGs. And I do want to incorporate as much as I can of those as I level.

When I got to Outland on my main druid, I had switched to Resto (Back before the tree change). And I was actually pretty good at it. And I enjoyed it, back then. Obviously haven't tried it on this guy yet.

So, I'm wondering:
Are low level Boomers good in BGs (Or all levels really)
How do they level up? Easy and fast, medium, Slow and hard?
Are they good dps in pve as well as pvp?
And most importantly...Are they fun?

I do plan on having a resto off spec starting at 30.
Here's my experience with Boomies:

I leveled this toon as resto, her off-spec is Boomkin. I love Resto, but you can't quest in it and it seemed easier gear-wise to just spec for the caster Druid.

DPS wise, and in dungeons I was just OK when compared to everyone else's damage, I pretty much hit solidly in the middle, sometimes number two. However, when I played with other Boomies, they blew me out of the water with DPS, too. So part of it was maybe they knew something about the rotation that I hadn't learned, and they had better gear than me.

One thing I've learned about Druids in general, is they're gear-dependent. My overall DPS and healing skills improved if I had better gear at the time. But I personally, had fun leveling her. I loved everything I was learning about Druids.

PvP while leveling was pretty solid, I didn't feel squishy and I ran those mostly as Resto. PvP, at level 90, is a different story personally. I find myself quite squishy, mostly as Boomkin. I have stopped PvPing on her b/c I've gotten too bothered with how we don't seem to stand up as a tough opponent. I believe a small fix from Blizzard would set us right.

Now, at level 90, grinding out dailies and scenarios, with mediocre gear is kind of a pain. I'm truly seeing at this point how dependent the class is on its gear because with every better piece of gear I've gotten, I've been seeing my DPS get a little better, my casting become a little faster. Honestly, while questing through MoP I almost gave up a few times because I was so disheartened with DPS. But on the flip side, I was so happy with healing in 5-mans and now, in heroics, so I've been continuing to play out stuff for better gear.

Ultimately, it is fun. But if you make it to end-game, don't be surprised if things get tough. If I have the time, I do plan to level another Druid, because ultimately I do love the class.

Hope this helps. Happy WoWing!

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