resto Offensive tips?

anyone have solid tips on how to kill off a DPS , that is attacking them . dont get me wrong i can sit there for Hours and self heal with out dying . . I always run into that dumb mage or lock , that just want to attack me and wont quit even though they can't kill me.
What i need is some sort of Offensive that will in some sense either deter then so that they give up there pursuit in trying to kill me or i kill them . granted i know that what ever offensive skills i have will more then likely hit extremely weak , but my quiestion is will i do more damage with bleeds in cat form or just moonfire spamming?
Heart of the Wild can work, you can get super cat mode/balance spells for a short while, but otherwise youre not going to kill them
Run towards your nearest friendly Warrior while healing yourself and /lol ing.
If you want to be able to kill dps that are attacking you, you have to turn on Disc priest mode...
Go kitty form and build up 5 CP's. Now pop Heart of the Wild and refresh Rake. Now Ferocious Bite them and /rofl as it hits for 125k. Continue to roll their face in or they run away.

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