Why are achievements so hard to browse?

This is more for Blizzard, but why can't I search Achievements?

Why can't I right-click or (shift/ctrl/alt)-click a linked Achievement to see my own progress on that Achievement?

The achievement UI is incredibly difficult to use unless you know specifically what category & subcategory of Achievement you are looking for.

I have not looked it up on wowhead, but I saw someone link the [It Was Worth Every Ritual Stone] Achievement, and I have checked everywhere that makes sense to me in the Achievement UI and I still cannot find it.

Every time I open the Achievements UI I have to play a guessing game that has become so frustrating that I start yelling at my computer.

Please fix this Blizzard. Please don't tell me that searching achievements is as difficult as adding a bigger backpack. :(
Quests -> Pandaria

I dunno, I have no problem finding achievements. The one in particular you mentioned is easy to find, typically anything that has to do with a daily will be in the "Quests" section of it's respective expansion.

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