Pre-build pc for ~$500

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Looking into getting a new desktop for wow. I know that building my own is always a better value, but that is not an option atm, could use some help to get the best bank for the buck, plz help!!!

currently eye-balling this one, but not sure how it would run:
You don't want an FX-4100. The FX-4300 and 6300 are much better and don't really cost much more.

The 7750 is a decent budget card, but the 7770 is MUCH better and once again doesn't cost a whole lot more.
See if you can reach to $650. These machines have Ivy Bridge I5 cpus and Radeon 7770s. One has Windows 7, one has Win 8; take your pick.
How come these are so cheap? Do they get the OS for free or something?
They must buy windows licenses in bulk or something, but those two are sort of anomalies, imo. It would cost nearly as much to build one yourself if you include everything - Windows and keyboard/mouse. They're great deals for someone who wants a pre-built. Only one issue that I can see, and that's the generic power supply. Figure you'll have to replace it within a year.
Ty for the replies! I think we might end up getting 2 instead. Still much to consider. I remember buying my old laptop 8yrs ago being a lot less of a pain in the butt, lol.

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