Starting RBG groups on darkspear!

Looking to get groups actually moving and getting rbgs done on darkspear. All I see are groups looking for one more and leaving all those that are wanting to do rbgs out of it. Those that dont have tons on real id to add n play with or guildies. I am one of those so I am looking for people to post or add me
I am willing to lead RBGS or just help get them together for people.
let me know, post on this thread to get darkspear moving
first post, 2200 exp mage frost looking for rbgs, 3v3/5v5
I really like what you're doing here, and I'd be thrilled to be involved.. I am just looking for a solid group of chill players . ~2500 exp
Exactly what im saying, if people start putting up and posting this can be great for darkspear pvp and possibly in the near future pve.
I would love to speak to you both about a proposal if you would have it.
I am currently at work at the moment and would like to get in contact with you as it relates to you first post about looking for a new home as well as this post too. Before you make a decision please allow me to speak with you first. add real id :)
Added you on Real ID, in the same boat LF an RBG group, 2200+ xp
sounds good, if we get enough interest im willing to start rbgs as quick as tonight. The fastest way we can get this going and successful is by word of mouth (keyboard i guess). Tell every1 whos experienced and all !
I didnt get an add on realid with the email i guess !
Sent a request for both again, if it didnt work mine is Stweb23#1513
If you are in darkspear and want to find people to play with post here and I am sure you will get a tell or some feedback!
I tried adding you last night but was not successful with the real id also I added you on your mage but you were afk in Ironforge and later Disconnected. I would still very much like tot get in contact with you to talk if that would be possible. I saw where you were looking to unit most of the players on the server to do RBGs and lead them. We are looking for people that take initiative and that is why I am looking to get in contact with you to lay out a proposal that I have as such there would be a lot of resources to your disposal if taken up the offer. I had sent you an email to the email address you had posted in this thread. You make contact me at
thanks for the interest all! means a lot lets keep it coming.
Murdax you will get a reply I promise!
yeah I have been on here all day trying to get a reply
dont see you on, im on!
I am still at work would have to be later to talk.
Mains a lock this season, also have Boomy and Fdk i can play. 2.2k exp im on sarg but thats what real id is for, add Kritzs#1978

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