[A] Exec Dec (25m) is Recruiting!

Bleeding Hollow
Guild: Executive Decision
Faction: Alliance
Raid: 25m
Progress: 7/13 Heroic
Nights: Tu/ThTimes: 8PM-12AM ST (Eastern)
*Age 18+ only*

We are a casual-progressive raiding guild who can come together and get stuff done while still having a good time. We strike the balance between raiding and community while maintaining a two night/week raid schedule.

We are looking for a TANK and some solid DPS. In particular, we are looking for a Lock and Shadow Priest...but all classes will be looked at and considered. I will warn all spots are very competitive so if you are up for the challenge and not one of the above classes, I urge you to apply as well. We bring people in for the core team. If you aren’t working out, you will become part of the bench, able to farm previous content heroic runs on the weekends to gear up and earn a spot in the core team.

Applicants must be knowledgeable about their class and role in raid as well as be able to perform. At the same time, we are not looking for superstar raiders. We are looking for people who value the team's goals while maintaining individual performance. You don't down 25m content solo (Unless you're a DK).

We are an incredibly unique guild in the fact that our community matters to us as much as our raid team. We don't want players who log on for 8 hours/week to raid and we never see them otherwise.

We ask raiders to provide flasks and 300 food but the guild/bank provides feasts for farm content/learning fights, Int/Str/Agi/Mana/Health potions, buckles, repairs, leg armors, enchants and gems.

Our website is: Executives.guildlaunch.com.

If you are interested, please check out the Guild Rules and Raid Info sections for more information. We do have a short application that allows you access to our DKP system and inner forums. If you do have any additional questions, you can contact Mokosoo, Brincamian, Shocknawe, Famine, Reclaimed or myself (Pessimist) at Bleeding Hollow Alliance, PM me at guildaunch.com under the name PessimistED or RealID Pessimist#1659.

Hope to meet you soon!

*Prowls in, kicks post, prowls out*

You never even saw me.
Gonna have ourselves a hydra steak BBQ party after Thursday's raid!

6/12 on 25M Normal now, 8 hrs a week of raiding fun, along with a great long standing guild on this server is pretty cool.
Original Post updated to reflect current needs. Thank you for viewing.
My blood DK friend and I are considering transferring to the server, I think we've heard good things about your raid group in the past and we'd love to become supporting members.
We are definately lookfing for 2-3 good raiders to fill in a few positions to push content faster.
contact anyone online or hit up our website.
Rawr. Oh, Hi Marty!
You know you want to be part of a 6/12 25m raid team.

think about it. you could be with us on 7-12. Instead of trying to app after we get that far.
Do you has cookies?.. I likes cookies!
Rawr. Oh, Hi Marty!

See, now we're 9/12. dont you wish you apped earlier this week?
We got 8 bosses down on Tuesday, so we are still progressing really fast. anyone want in for 10-12?
ba bawk!
Yep, we're 11/12 now. You should definitely app already.
do u like ret pally
Currently 11/12 - working on Lei Shen :)

We are heavy on melee but if you are prepared to compete for a position, you are welcome to apply! Thank you for your interest
We are currently 12/12 and looking to start heroics! Original post is updated with current needs. As always, thank you for taking the time to check us out. Hope to hear from you soon!
2/13 25M heroics down, have an immediate tank opening also looking for any SP/mages/locks looking for a great home to push some heroic content.
Thanks for the bump, Shock :) Updated the original post to show current needs as well!

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