Best Addons for Warlocks?

I've been playing Lock for years and I've never used a UI addon. Any suggestions?
Check out Evrelia Gaming on youtube, he has a decent UI for Affliction (Which in my opinion is the most UI dependant spec of the warlock class)

He has a guide to set up a UI specifically for warlocks too ;)
Power Auras is a pretty powerful UI, but takes some time to setup.

I track all my DoT's, Debuffs, Cooldowns, procs and soul shards with it.

Tidy Plates is also nice for multi-DoTing, but I've found in some boss fights the bar is too high in the air to see (just from the size of the boss).
Affdots and clique. I love the precision of clique and not having to fumble around and looking for a particular spell on the action bar, or accidentally hitting the wrong key. With clique, spells are bound to mouse clicks instead (and its various combinations; alt+right click, ctrl+middle button, etc) and it eventually becomes muscle memory.

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