@PvP Ret Paladins, also Lobster

Why do you play a ret paladin? What keeps you interested in the spec? I'm just curious.
I love melee/caster hybirds. Always have in all games! But, it's about the aesthetics, the whole 'holy warrior with plate and a big hammer' thing gets to me.
I've always loved Paladin lore in general, so when I started playing this game it was a no-brainer to pick a Paladin. Admittedly, I don't have anywhere near as much fun as I did on my Paladin before they introduced Holy Power as a secondary resource. Our damage output is terrible in PvP outside of cooldowns, but I can't bring myself to play anything else over my Paladin, just love the class in general. I also love the support that Ret brings, the amount of utility we have to offer is amazing and we work well in big groups.
Isn't it obvious?

Because we're fabulous.

Also, Prot has the best sword & board gameplay out of most RPGs. [Yes, I know the thread was for Rets but I feel someone's gotta stand up for captain glowy shield bounce]
Don't want to hijack, but another interesting question would be why people switched away form ret, but that should be a different post
Don't want to hijack, but another interesting question would be why people switched away form ret, but that should be a different post

I switched to Prot from Ret during Cata when we were the only melee class without slows - which made gameplay beyond frustrating.

For other Pallies during MoP I suspect it was a similar lack of abilities that are common to most other melees in the game (reliable defensive cds, undispellable cc, lack of cc removal, etc). [This is my conjecture of course]
I've always loved Pallys, but the game play centered around Killing enemies and saving people in clutch situations is very enjoyable. I love being a DPS that can heal/save others. Casting a life saving heal on a random stranger that's pulled way too many mobs, helping them fight, topping off their life, then buffing them is gratifying for me.
Now if only /hairflip were an actual emote we could all macro it to tv and strike retribution on our foes with proper blood elf style
thread title clearly implies Lobster is not a PvP Ret
What I like most about Ret is that you have unparalleled support tools. This is unheard of, for a melee DPS. Sure, we may not have the soloing strength of other DPS classes, but why would we want that? We're not killers for personal gain, we're Paladins - the good guys who help and watch out for everybody.

We can blow things up every few minutes (because the Light/love is the greatest power in the universe, mofos) but otherwise we are medium DPS with extremely good support. I rolled Pally knowing and wanting to do this.
That's a very good question, one that i asked my self before i quit the entire Cata Expasion. We are not favored in Arenas, Rated Battlegrounds, so why play one? why not a warrior?, or a Deathknight?.I play a Ret paladin because i rise to the challenge,embrace being question, Smoke most of the classes who complain how bad i am, after i kill them. Also i'll continue to play one since Greg Ghostcrawler is no longer the head of PVP because any class would be happy what comes next since pvp will be evaluated by a person who actually pvp's.
Think of yourself as a "Battle Cleric," you'll find playing a Ret Paladin more enjoyable now.
I like their lore.

I like how they look.

I like being the underdog in PvP.
100% Agree with Lobster on being a BG Hero...We can show up to a fight and change an outcome without a healer. I personally started playing Ret the end of BC and have always been ret. Could not pull myself away from it I honestly hate healing but as a ret its real fun to just shoot a big heal to save your teammate. I mean our sustain could be better but I love our burst and you can always survive until it comes up.
Wat do PVP?

I'm Hoff's guardian angel. :P


lobster descends from the heavens and wraths all my foes
i play paladin because they get free mounts..
I like ret because lots of classes think you are a free kill in bgs due to the huge amount of terribles. Little did they know, "This beaten dog still has some teeth!" (Macro for Avenging Wrath)

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